free printable social studies worksheets,us history for kids,worksheet online


Ever wondered how to supplement your social studies course ? This page contains a list of links to pdf printable worksheets covering several topics on US and world printable social studies worksheets,us history for kids,worksheet online. It features multiple choice questions which could serve as tests in the classroom or as extra homework printable worksheets. free printable resources for teachers,kids printable worksheets, worksheets for highschool students and teachers activities in the classroom, available on like in,, and, Teachersincharge teaches kids and adults us history topics and the history of us.The worksheets in teachersincharge has us history questions and us history answers.Us kids,history teachers and college students get to upgrade their competence in the following us history topics,us historical themes,US civics and world history,us Presidents,us states,us administration,age of exploration,african american personalities,world history and the age of exploration in American history timeline. other free online learning sites,like are;,,


Printable pDF tests on US civics and world history

civil war history and history of the civil war in us history timeline

us government structure and 3 branches of us government

us history information and us history worksheet


the great depression facts and effects of depression

learn about modern era and modern art era

social reforms movement and progressive era

world history and social studies worksheets

world war 1 history and who started the world war 2

information about world war 2 and interesting facts about ww1

geography of canada andcanada geography quiz

geography for kids and questions about geography

states of usa, capitals and us geography

european history timeline and world history

human history and history of medieval europe

brief history of europe

map visualization and online map with compass

us map with capitals and interactive us map

map of all us states

united states navy and us navy seal

us navy history and emblem

how to join the united states navy

the us navy


native american history and native american geography

the native americans and native americans culture

all about the native americans and north american geography

native american indians

united states census and us geographic regions

list of us state capitals and states of usa and capitals

sheppard software 50 states and us capital quiz

5 themes of geography place

themes of geography worksheet

facts about ww1 andww1 casualties

worksheets for history and ww1 facts

free kindergarten worksheets and how world war 1 started

world war ii online and world war 2 summary

causes of world war 2 and facts about world war 2

world war 2 quotes and information about world war 2


world war two facts and who was in world war 2

world war ii and second world war history


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abraham lincoln facts and abraham lincoln biography

where was george washington born and george washington law

thomas jefferson biography and american history video

pictures of theodore roosevelt and facts about theodore roosevelt


woodrow wilson ww1

woodrow wilson presidency

richard nixon facts

facts about richard nixon

usa facts

  • pictures of theodore roosevelt

fun facts about america

facts about united states

US States

beautiful places in california and california colleges and universities

california historical facts and native californian

arkansas history and colleges in arkansas

washington dc attractions and washington dc sights

virginia facts and virginia attractions

living in wyoming and visit wyoming

texas information and texas online,dallas texas

asheville north carolina and living in north carolina

new jersey courts and new jersey airport

central park new york and new york natural history museum

best colleges in mississippi and facts about mississippi

facts about minnesota,the history of minnesota

florida facts for kids, capital of florida and10 facts about florida

florida fun facts,interesting facts about florida



Politics & Administration

policy issues and us secretary of defense

us foreign affairs,secretary of state office and state secretary

us federal government,us government agencies

who wrote the us constitution,us constitution summary,us constitution for kids

us constitution study guide,bill of rights of the united states constitution

constitution of us,articles of the constitution

facts about the constitution

2012 presidential election,presidential election

us supreme court rules and recent supreme court cases

where is the white house located,white house dossier

founding fathers of america,us founding fathers

founding fathers of the us constitution and the us constitution pdf

united states congress and constitution us

articles of confederation facts and articles of the confederation

Other Personalities

marilyn monroe photo and marilyn monroe images

marilyn monroe picture

information about rosa parks and who was rosa parks

who was adolf hitler and history of adolf hitler

booker t washington facts and washington facts

martin luther king jr,martin luther king library

facts about obama and interesting facts about barack obama

neil armstrong timeline and neil armstrong facts for kids

nelson mandela foundation andapartheid nelson mandela

Age of Exploration

amerigo vespucci ship and amerigo vespucci airport

christopher columbus facts for kids,christopher columbus facts

US security

how to become fbi agent and how to work for the fbi

cia headquarters and how to become a cia,cia insurance agency

russia nato,nato military

world History

Ancient History & Explorations