Geography of Europe-Quiz

Geography of Europe;multiple choice quiz and answers,this is an interactive online quiz about Geography of Europe , In this quiz children,seniors and teachers will learn and upgrade their knowledge about the political carree of Geography of Europe.Europe is a highly fragmented landmass consisting of a number of large peninsulas, such as the Scandinavian, Iberian, and Italian, as well as smaller ones, such as the Kola, Jutland, and Brittany. Read more below >>>



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It also includes a large number of offshore islands, notably Iceland, the British Isles, Sardinia, Sicily, and Crete (Kríti). Europe has coastlines on arms of the Arctic Ocean and on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, in the north; on the Caspian Sea, in the southeast; on the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, in the south; and on the Atlantic Ocean, in the west. The highest point of the continent is El’brus (5,642 m/18,510 ft), in the Caucasus Mountains in southwestern Russia. The lowest point of Europe is located along the northern shore of the Caspian Sea, 28 m (92 ft) below sea level.This quiz is a Multiple choice question quiz in which kids and seniors can have fun while reviewing some skills in social studies. Have fun and learn about Geography of Europe quiz for kids and adults. This exercise is relevant for children, school kids in the 4th grade,5th grade,6th grade,7th grade and 8th grade and middle school to test their knowledge.