US current Trends and Issues-Quiz

US current trends and issues, is an interactive online quiz about current issues in the 21st century in matters of domestic and foreign policies. In this quiz children,kids,teachers and seniors will upgrade their knowledge in this light and more.At the beginning of the 21st century, Americans’ lives were interwoven with international issues, concerns, and events that had local effects. When the USSR collapsed in 1991 and the Cold War ended, the United States developed new foreign policy principles. Among the most important of these principles was an effort to define national interests more narrowly. Read more below >>>


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The end of the Cold War meant that the United States no longer viewed all international controversies as necessarily requiring some response. This quiz is a Multiple choice question quiz with which kids can have fun while reviewing some skills in social studies. Have fun and learn with the Us current issues quiz for kids. This exercise is relevant for children, school kids in the 4th grade,5th grade,6th grade,7th grade and 8th grade and middle school to test their knowledge about current trending issues in the USA in the 21st century.