Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Quiz

Central Intelligence Agency quiz, is an interactive online free quiz about about the CIA. In this quiz children,school kids, students, teachers, and seniors will learn about the intelligence and secret missions of the CIA.Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United States government agency created in 1947 to gather information and conduct secret operations to protect the country’s national security. The information that the CIA gathers is known as intelligence. Until 2004 the director of the CIA also held the position of director of central intelligence. Read more below >>>


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The director of central intelligence had responsibility for coordinating the activities of the United States intelligence community, which includes agencies such as the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA). The CIA also took overall responsibility for gathering information from other U.S. intelligence agencies, analyzing the separate pieces of information from each source, and providing intelligence estimates to the president of the United States and the president’s advisers. This quiz is a Multiple choice question quiz with which kids can have fun while reviewing some skills in social studies. Have fun and learn with this abraham lincoln quiz for kids. This exercise is relevant for children, school kids in the 4th grade,5th grade,6th grade,7th grade and 8th grade and middle school to test their knowledge about the CIA.