Amerigo Vespucci-Quiz

Amerigo Vespucci;this is an interactive online quiz about Amerigo vespucci, In this quiz children will learn about his sailing achievements in America and as well as his sailing career.Amerigo Vespucci served as navigator for the Spanish explorer Alonso de Ojeda and explored a large portion of northern South America. Read more below >>>


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His descriptions of the journey become famous, and European geographers name the newly discovered lands in his honor. Amerigo Vespucci (Latin Americus Vespucius) (1454-1512), Italian navigator, for whom the continents of North and South  America are named. He was born in Florence. In 1495 he took over the business of a merchant in Seville, Spain, who had furnished supplies to ships voyaging to the West Indies. Vespucci later set out for the New World himself and left accounts and maps of four voyages. This quiz is a Multiple choice question quiz with which kids can have fun while reviewing some skills in social studies. Have fun and learn with this abraham lincoln quiz for kids. This exercise is relevant for children,kids and adults,school kids in the 4th grade,5th grade,6th grade,7th grade and 8th grade and middle school to test their knowledge about Amerigo Vespucci.