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Explore events of U.S. history through the use and analysis of documents, images, cartoons, quantitative data, and other primary sources
Develop an understanding of major themes in U.S. history,Black History including American identity, economic and social life, political change and continuity, and the U.S. role in the world.

This website is a blend of theory and practice which teachers and students will relish. Most of the materials were build with social studies in mind.Events Us history, We blend contemporary eLearning strategies with classical materials to produce the finest resources. These lessons are in line with US Core State Standards. Get more >>>

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    We use the best and brightest collection of cliparts to transmit the knowledge about all aspects of social studies we deem necessary for kids.Social studies for kids-teaching social studies-us history Some of these worksheets would serve as tests for classroom and extra practice at home.

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    Have fun ina group or a classroom setting around board games that have proven to work well with our students. On this page you will also find pdf printable puzzles with questions that cover major themes highlighted on most pages of this website.Social studies for kids-teaching social studies-us history

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  • The challenge of making a class exciting while transmitting a strong message is key to a child'd learning. That is why on this site we simply spoil you with an abundance of fun games and online tests. Get more >>>

  • The carefull selection of topics match what trends across different curricula. Studying about the world. economics, world events and all about American civics have been covered through a series of articles written by network of seasoned professionals. Reading an article before a taking quiz will be a wise thing to do.Social studies for kids-teaching social studies-us history. Visit this page to unlock the wealth of resources.Learn about the developments that have shaped U.S. history though the critical analysis of historical events and materials. >>>

  • We are unlimited in our strive to satisfy parents, teachers and children.Events Us history and monuments. There is an abundant supply of free resources. Check out our PowerPoints | Board Games & News section