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Why You Should Decorate Your Home for Christmas


Are you one of those individuals who cannot wait until the holiday season arrives? If so, there is also a good chance that you may be interested in decorating your home for Christmas. If you have not yet decided, as to whether or not you would like to decorate your home for Christmas, you are advised to give it some thought. After a close examination, you will likely see that there are a number of benefits to […]

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Christmas Tree Activities


Decorating the Christmas tree is an event that most members of any family look forward to. It not only is a time to reflect and remember where the various ornaments came from or who made them, it is also an exciting time that really brings Christmas right into the home. There are a variety of activities you can incorporate into bring the Christmas tree into your home. Some families enjoy singing “Oh Christmas Tree” as the tree […]

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Christmas Craft: Bead and Pipe Cleaner Ornaments


Christmas ornaments made from ordinary pipe cleaners and inexpensive acrylic beads are very pretty and easy to make. They look quite impressive yet are easy enough for small children to make. This is one Christmas craft idea to use again and again. Older people will enjoy making this Christmas craft, too, which can be varied to make a number of different sparkling ornaments for your Christmas tree. To make the bead and pipe cleaner ornaments, you need […]

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Surveying The Damage – The Post-Christmas Landscape


It is not difficult to see why some people question whether they should bother with Christmas in a given year. The magic of Christmas is undeniable for most of us, but it is a magic that works mostly on our perceptions, and does not effect the reality of things when we most need it to. The holiday season makes some demands on us, and although we are happy to meet them, they still need to be addressed […]

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Hosting The Perfect Christmas Party


When we look ahead to Christmas, it is often with a sense that we want this one to be the best yet. We plan everything out, we send, accept and reject invitations, and we shop. Then we prepare, we welcome and we say goodbye. Eventually we tidy, and then we look back. With a critical eye we might say that the season was a bit of a disappointment, but mostly we will fondly remember the best of […]

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Liking Christmas TV – More Difficult Than It Should Be

When it comes to the day, and the presents have been opened, the dinner eaten and a bottle of something strong has been poured there is one more thing to do. Sit down in front of the television and select the TV schedule for the evening. Doing this can lead to some debate, as due to the large numbers of people in the room you will find consensus difficult to reach. But the simple fact of the […]

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Christmas Songs – A Mixed Bag

The moment that most people begin to feel that Christmas is really on its way will be the moment when they are walking through a shopping center and they hear one of their favorite Christmas songs. After that point it is hard to resist the fact that the holidays are coming. For many people however, the Christmas music industry is tantamount to the arms trade or drug dealing – a horrible industry that makes money from rotting […]

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Decking The Halls And Trimming The Trees

Decorations are a major part of Christmas, as we all know. However, there is a tendency among most of us to find the actual act of decorating quite irritating and unpleasant. Not only that, but taking down the decorations when the holiday is over is viewed by many as one of the most depressing pursuits they can think of. Once the decorations are up, it is beautiful to behold, but getting them up there in the first […]

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When Christmas Gets Hijacked

The Christmas holiday has become somewhat commercialized over the years, to the point where a great many people who claim no religious affiliation and would be insulted if you suggested it to them still celebrate it with great enthusiasm due to the presence of presents. This is understandable, and to be honest the whole festival of Christmas is in place as a result of an earlier pagan festival – so to complain about non-religious people celebrating it […]

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It’s Cliched To Be Cynical At Christmas

Christmas is a time of magic for so many people, but there is a tendency among others to look at the whole holiday as a mess of pointless celebration and meaningless spending. The way they look at the holiday goes further than not celebrating it themselves, they will actually openly sneer at other people for celebrating the holiday. This is unfortunate, because for many people the Christmas holiday is something that allows a real warmth to enter […]

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